Friday, 14 November 2008

On the Way to Elkins

Bob had originally planned to ride the 30 miles to Elkins in one go, but changed his mind , and split it into two days ride.

Lonny picked him up at 7 am and took him back to the Town Hall, where he had coffee with about six people, including Melvin. He had a great talk with them, putting the world to rights, and then set off again.

The countryside is very sparse now, just about enough grass for grazing, but very dry. There is hardly any traffic, but the road is very wide, which makes an easy ride. When he was talking in the Town Hall, he was told about a deserted bar at the end of his ride, where he could sleep under cover for the night. Sure enough there was his "des res", but not an ounce of booze in sight ! Later Lonny arrived with hay and 50 galls of water for the boys, and wouldn't take any payment for it. Lonny you have been a blessing .......thank you so much.

The horses were fed and watered and tied up to a billboard for the night, and Bob adjourned to his home on the concrete floor..........and yet another yummy freeze dried meal. He didn't have a good night's sleep, as the weather was freezing, and he got up at daybreak to discover the rats had been busy, and pinched all his fruit, as well as his bar of soap !

After he had sorted the horses and had coffee, he set off for the remainder of the ride to Elkins. The weather was quite pleasant that day, and as he rode towards the home of Rick and Connie Ford where he was staying for the night, Rick turned up in his pickup. Connie works as a school teacher, and Rick works at the Fairground at Roswell, where Bob is staying later.

Bob had a very pleaseant evening, and had dinner and chatted. Connie kindly did his washing for him, and when he told them about the rats the night before, produced another bar of soap for him. Thank God for that, or we would have had one smelly rider ! The horses were corralled for the night, with grain and hay, which Rick wouldn't take payment for. People are so kind in this great country. Thank you very much, Rick and Connie, for all your kindness. Bob slept in Rick's den for the night.

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