Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Last Rest Day in Roswell

Bob's last rest day in Roswell before he hits the road again, and he's been having a great time with Rick and his friends, Mark ,Paul, and Ruby. They have all been taking it in turns to take him out and about ...........what great people.

I've had my hand slapped for something I had put previously on the blog site.When Bob stayed with Rick and Connie at Elkins, I had thanked Connie for doing Bob's washing. Rick was very insulted (I'm sure), as he'd done it. So grovel grovel to Rick , a man after my own heart, who will pitch in and help.............take note, Bob !!!!!!!!! Thanks, Rick, you've been an absolute treasure whilst Bob was in Elkins and again at Roswell , together with the Roswell gang.

That morning Rick and Mark took Bob to the UFO Museum, and later the horses had their shoes done. Bob is planning to bring the horseshoes back.......... he reckons he's going to hang them in the lounge. We'll see about that ! Later that afternoon, Paul and Ruby turned up and took him sightseeing round Roswell for a couple of hours. And finally that evening he went out for a meal with Rick, Connie, their daughter, and grand daughter.

My man has been treated like royalty while he's been there, and I can only thank Rick,Connie, and the gang from the bottom of my heart. If you ever come to England, there will be a bed at our house for you.

As a postscript. Bob forgot the horseshoes he was was taking back with him, and Rick drove out to give them to him, so he wouldn't leave without them.


Odd Chick said...

We enjoyed meeting Bob when he came through Dexter and Hagerman. I think my husband, Greg, had dinner and a beer with him at Dexter. And Rick and Mark are our friends from Roswell, and they also had a good time showing him New Mexican hospitality. We will be following him as he ends his journey. I left a link on my blog.

Jazz said...

Oh my gosh, I haven't checked the blogsite for a couple days and OMG there I was with pix of my dogs and horse. lol It made me laugh.. I was certainly surprised ! I know that Bob is coming to the end of the trail soon and I sure wish that I could be there to meet him, but it doesn't look like it's in the cards. Fuel prices are way better but I can't miss the work : - ( I hope that we can stay in touch.
Yours truly.. Sue and Jazz and Lucy and Hoover