Thursday, 6 November 2008

Bovina, Texas

Bob's last day in Texas for a while, and he had a very pleasant day's riding.......the weather was cool, in the 60's but very sunny. In fact he had to take his jacket off at one stage. Tigers was number one horse today, and the journey was 14 miles long.

Bob arrived at the Town and Country Vet Clinic at about 3 in the afternoon. Unfortunately, Brett Whitten the vet is away until Monday, but his father, Earl, kindly came over to show Bob where the hay and grain was for the horses, and also the corral. He opened up the barn , which has heating and a bathroom, so Bob will be fine for the night. He refused payment for the horses' feed, and offered to take Bob if he needed any shopping doing. Earl is coming back over later to take Bob back to his home for a meal.

Thank you for all your generosity and help, Earl, and also Brett for allowing Bob to stay over at the Vet's Clinic.

New Mexico here we come!

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