Saturday, 1 November 2008


On 27 October Bob had a short ride of 14 miles to Dalhart. On all of these short trips he rides Tigers as he's more of a plodder than Cody. He left at 9.30, and said the morning was very cold, with 1/2 inch of ice on the water and a cold wind blowing . He rode into the wind for the whole trip and it didn't let up until he reached Dalhart.

He was staying at the Dalhart XIT Rangers, and as he was riding through Dalhart en route, a man stopped his pickup to talk with him, and when he learnt what Bob was doing insisted on giving him a good pocket knife as a memento. As he was riding by the Feed Lot (where they fatten up the cattle, prior to slaughter) a cowboy, Joey Esquilzel stopped to talk with him, and gave him a present of gloves and a scarf. I can't believe how generous people are.

Upon arrival at the XIT Rangers, he was met by Peggy Minnick, who I think helps run the stables, and the horses were given a really nice corral for the night. Bob slept in a building on a table........I asked him why he doesn't sleep on the floor, and he said there's a bit more give on the table ! Don't quite follow that. Peggy kindly made him breakfast the following morning before he set off again. Thank you kindly, Peggy, for all your help.

Bob was telling me some of the history of the XIT Rangers. The original Dalhart Ranch that was there before, was the biggest ranch in the world, with 3 million acres. Sometime in the past the ranch owner had made a deal with the State, and the ranch owner paid for the building of the State Capitol building in Austin at a cost of 5 million dollars, ( I've seen it) and in turn they were given a vast amount of land by the State.

Here's a nice quote for you......
"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

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