Friday, 14 November 2008

In the Middle of Nowhere

After a restless night, Bob was glad to be" back on the road again", and had a pleasant ride. whereas previously, he had been stopping after an hour's riding to let the horses graze, he is now doing about 6 miles before he stops. He says that everyone comments how well the horses are looking, and they are certainly performing well.

Bob arrived at his destination.......a distance of 21.5 miles, and he was sleeping next to the Bob Crosby Bridge. Apparently, Bob Crosby crashed his car into a draw ( I hope I got the spelling right, someone put me right if I didn't), which is a big dip in the road about a mile from where Bob was camping, and was killed. Rick had kindly dropped off a bale of hay at Bob's campsite, which was great of him, but Bob had plenty of water, as he was camped next to a river. There were trees there, so the horses were tied to them for the night, and out came the trusty yellow tent.

The only eventful thing that happened that day, was that Cody narrowly missed treading on a Rattlesnake in the ditch. He spotted it and sidestepped, at the same time as Bob heard it hissing. I think Bob will be keeping more of a lookout now for them.

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