Thursday, 20 November 2008

Carlsbad South , New Mexico

In a few more days, Bob will be heading back into Texas, and the last stretch of his long ride.

A very pleasant evening was had last night with Jim and his wife, together with Mr Ballard senior and his wife. As Bob didn't have so far to travel that day, he left a bit later. He was trailered back to were he was picked up last night.........we won't have any cheating on this long ride, and rode the 15 miles to Carlsbad, arriving at about 2.00pm. The weather has been freezing cold all day, and the ride was slow, as he was in the ditches and they are pretty rough. He tries not to ride on the shoulder of the road, as it wears the horses' shoes down very quickly.Bob was staying at the Sheriff's Posse Arena, and guess who was waiting for him as he rode up , but Mr Ballard, with a trailer full of Alfalfa for the horses. He is trying to persuade Bob to come back to his house tonight and tomorrow to sleep...........he might well be advised to, as it's freezing there tonight. mind you, it's not much warmer here in England ! He was going to come back later to pick Bob up and take him for a steak.

Bob is having a rest day there tomorrow, and will then be heading for Whites City. He has now done in excess of 1700 miles.

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